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About Charnel House

Charnel House was founded in 1989 with the commitment to produce state of the art limited edition books. We believe that book craftsmanship is an art form and the limited edition is a work of art, a luxurious read and a tactile experience, as well as being a highly collectible piece.

Incorporating elements of the story into the design and production of our books has made for some interesting and collectible editions. We have bound uncut sheets of dollar bills, poker chips, bullets, canceled checks, original art, tarot cards, lizard skin, lace stockings, and garter clips into books. We import the finest materials from all over the globe from fine Japanese fabrics to Moroccan leather. Master printers and bookbinders are utilized to achieve our vision for each edition.

I hope you enjoy reading and collecting our books which can be viewed complete with detailed descriptions when you go to the books menu. Look for what's new and upcoming by going to the News page... and thank you for your interest in Charnel House.

Joe Stefko, Publisher

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