Spring Sale

The Regulators, Stephen King as Richard Bachman
Lettered Edition—Letter B – $12,000.00

What The Night Knows by Dean Koontz
Lettered Edition—$3,000.00 – 1 copy left

Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz
Lettered Edition—$2,000.00 – 1 copy left

Forever Odd by Dean Koontz
Lettered Edition—$1,500.00 – 1 copy left

The Collected Stories by Tim Powers
Lettered Edition—$1,500.00

Beastchild by Dean Koontz
Numbered edition—$500 – 4 publisher’s copies (PC) left

Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz
Numbered Edition—$800.00 -1 copy left

Black River by Dean Koontz
Lettered Edition—$750.00

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
Numbered Edition—$300.00

The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz
Numbered edition—$250.00 – 3 copies left